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Food Fiesta Inspired by Royal Indian Kitchens

Food Fiesta Inspired by Royal Indian Kitchens
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Shahi Dawat – A Cuisine so Royal 23rd Sep – 15th Oct

Delighted to present a food fiesta inspired by Royal Indian Kitches. Shahi Dawat from 23rd Sep – 15th Oct

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The magnitude and grandeur of royal kitchens have always been hailed as symbols of power and supremacy in the foregone era. Legendary narratives of yesteryear empires never missed to praise the culinary wizards who delighted the royal families during their time. In India too, where celebrated monarchs reigned over, the story was no different. Some of the royal recipes invented in the olden day Indian palaces still continue to relish the palate of the discerned and the individuals and families who are fortunate to inherit those secret concoctions preserved them as valuable possessions.

Absolute Barbecues is delighted to announce a three week long themed food fest ‘ Shahi Dawat‘ starting from 23 September 2016. Both outlets of AB’s would introduce some of the celebrated royal dishes of the Sultanate and Rajput era of India. “Shahi Dawat” meaning imperial feast, will be an ensemble of different ethnic preparations carefully picked up from Lucknowi, Kashmiri, Hyderabadi and Jaipur kitchens in both veg and non-veg categories. Each single authentic dish will take the connoisseurs to a different world of delight. Those who want to convince themselves that Indian kitchens have an identity beyond biryanis and curries this is the right opportunity.

One can start his expedition with traditional soups like Bhutte Ki Raab from Jaipur or Yakhni Shorba from Kashmiri cuisine. Followed by Kakori Kebab, Tabeek Maze, Murgh Sina Kati etc., which are served from platter while Mahi Abe Hayat can be relished directly from skewer. Birbal Ki Handi and Murgh Kohinoori are served in traditional pots called Handi. These dishes can be accompanied with Chilli Garlic Baby Naan and Kalonji Naan. Dessert verities include Mirchi Ki Halwa, Moti choor Ke Ladoo, Doodh Paak and Chai Ice cream.

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