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One (AED 119) or Four (AED 429) Packs of Geronimo Stilton Books

Geronimo Stilton Four-Book Pack
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Geronimo Stilton Four-Book Pack

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Ideal for bedtime reading, this bundle includes colourful adventure stories for any children; available in four-book packs

Choose from the following options for Geronimo Stilton four-book packs:

  • AED 119 for one pack
  • AED 429 for four packs

Pack One Includes

Geronimo Stilton: Lost Treasure of the Emerald Eye

  • It all started when my sister, Thea, discovered a mysterious map
  • It showed a secret treasure on a faraway island
  • And before I could let out a squeak of protest, Thea dragged me into her treasure hunt
  • In no time at all, we’d set sail for the island
  • It was an adventure I’d never forget

Geronimo Stilton: The Curse of the Cheese Pyramid

  • I’m off to Egypt
  • I climbed onboard a crabby old camel that would take me across the desert to the Great Cheese Pyramid
  • There, among mummies and hieroglyphics, I would learn the secret of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient Mouse World

Geronimo Stilton: Cat and Mouse in a Haunted House

  • I was lost in a dark, spooky forest
  • Until I stumbled upon Curlypaw Cannycat’s Castle
  • Castle was completely empty, or so I thought
  • But I quickly discovered that it was haunted – by cats
  • Let me tell you, this was one case where curiosity almost killed the mouse

Geronimo Stilton: I’m Too Fond of My Fur

  • I was on my way ‘round the world to Mouse Everest
  • Trip was long and dangerous
  • I almost froze my tail off on the way
  • And then I was kidnapped by the Abominable Snowman
  • Yes, it was truly an amazing adventure

Pack Two Includes

Geronimo Stilton: Four Mice Deep in the Jungle

  • I have never been a brave mouse… but lately, my fears were taking over my life
  • Soon I was too afraid, even to leave my mousehole
  • That’s when Thea and Trap decided to cure me
  • They dragged me away on an aeroplane (I’m afraid of flying!) all the way to the jungle
  • There I was forced to eat bug soup, climb trees as high as skyscrapers, swim in raging rivers, and even wrangle snakes
  • How would a ‘fraidy mouse like me ever survive?

Geronimo Stilton: Paws Off, Cheddarface

  • It was the strangest thing… all across New Mouse City, rodents kept telling me I’d done things I had no memory of
  • I soon discovered why
  • There was a Geronimo look-alike out there, pretending to be me
  • He’d even fooled my sister Thea
  • And worst of all, he was trying to take over my newspaper
  • I had to find a way to strike back – but how?

Geronimo Stilton: Red Pizzas for a Blue Count

  • When Trap got mouse-napped in Transratania, it was up to Thea and me to rescue him
  • Little did I know that Transratania is the land of vampire mice
  • Oh, would I ever make it back to my nice, safe mousehole alive?

Geronimo Stilton: Attack of the Bandit Cats

  • Oh, what a day
  • I had just published New Mouse City’s first phone book – and almost every single number was wrong
  • My customers were out for my fur
  • So when Thea, Trap, and Benjamin asked me to join their quest for a legendary island covered in silver, I agreed
  • But no sooner had we set out than we were attacked by a ship of pirate cats
  • They mousenapped us and threatened to make us their dinner
  • Would we escape with our lives… or find ourselves in the soup?

Pack Three Includes

Geronimo Stilton: A Fabumouse Vacation for Geronimo

  • Sometimes a busy businessmouse like me needs a nice, relaxing vacation
  • But of all the rotten rats’ luck – every time I tried to get away, disaster struck
  • My aunt Dizzy Fur’s mouse hole caught on fire, my office was flooded, and our printing press broke down
  • When I was finally ready to depart, all the good trips were booked up
  • I was stuck in a flea-ridden old hotel, sharing a room with a bunch of Gerbil Scouts
  • I couldn’t wait to get back to my comfy home in New Mouse City….

Geronimo Stilton: Merry Christmas, Geronimo

  • I was so excited about Christmas, I could squeak
  • My favourite nephew Benjamin was going to come over, and we were planning to trim the tree and eat lots of delicious holidays Cheesy Chews
  • But before you could say “cat alert,” disaster struck
  • I slipped over my tail and ended up in the hospital
  • And then my mouse hole caught on fire
  • Holey cheese, this was turning out to be the worst Christmas ever….

Geronimo Stilton: The Temple of the Ruby of Fire

  • It was my most thrilling adventure yet
  • My old friend Professor von Volt had discovered the location of the famous Ruby of Fire
  • And before I could let out a squeak of protest, my sister Thea had dragged me into a race to be the first to find the legendary gem
  • The jewel was protected by thousands of ancient booby-traps – a ‘fraidy mouse’s worst nightmare?
  • Would I make it through with my fur?

Geronimo Stilton: Mighty Mount Kilimanjaro

  • Rat-munching rattlesnakes
  • I can’t believe it
  • I, Geronimo Stilton, just let my super-sporty friend Bruce Hyena convince me to go on another one of his extreme adventures
  • You know me – I just can’t say no to a friend
  • This time, we’re going to be climbing to the top of the famouse Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa
  • Moldy mozzarella! I’m in no shape for a mountain climb
  • How will I ever make it to the top?

Pack Four Includes

Geronimo Stilton: The Enormouse Pearl Heist

  • One day, my friends and I, Geronimo Stilton, made an amazing discovery
  • We found a huge oyster – with an enormouse pearl inside
  • I was so excited about this extremely rare, precious pearl that I wrote a special feature about it in The Rodent’s Gazette
  • That article attracted lots of attention – both good and bad
  • The enormouse pearl was in danger of being stolen
  • Would my friends and I be able to protect it?

Geronimo Stilton: Mouse in Space

  • New Mouse City was in danger
  • An evil professor was threatening us all with his terrible inventions
  • Authorities called upon me, Geronimo Stilton, to thwart his plans by travelling on a top-secret mission – to outer space
  • I was totally unprepared to go
  • But mouldy mozzarella, my trip was out of this world

Geronimo Stilton: Rumble in the Jungle

  • I, Geronimo Stilton, was off to the wildest part of Brazil – the Amazon jungle
  • I ended up on a hunt for a rare crystal treasure, which was stolen from a native tribe in the heart of the forest
  • I’d encounter alligators, snakes, piranhas, and other dangers on my way
  • Holey cheese, what an adventure

Geronimo Stilton: Get into Gear Stilton

  • I, Geronimo Stilton, was selected by the mayor to give a special driving demonstration, but my drivers’ license had expired
  • I had only a week to relearn everything to pass the test for a new one
  • Little did I know that my lessons would introduce me to a talking robot car
  • It was up to us to stop a thief and make the roads safer for everyone


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