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Set of Six, Nine, Eighteen or Thirty-One Ramadan Books for Kids from AED 79

Set of Ramadan Books for Kids

Teach the children the history and meaning of Ramadan with these adorable, accessible books, available in various quantities

Choose from the following options for a set of Ramadan books for kids, distributed by H R International:

  • AED 79 for six books (set A)
  • AED 89 for six books (set B)
  • AED 99 for nine books
  • AED 159 for eighteen books
  • AED 329 for thirty-one books

Six Books (Set A) Titles

  • How to Pray Salat
  • Nursed in the Desert
  • The honoured Guests
  • The Queen and the Bird
  • The Light of Allah
  • The Morals of Believers

Six Books (Set B) Titles

  • Aminah And Aisha’s Eid Gifts
  • I’m Learning about Eid-Ul-Fitr
  • Celebrating Eid-Ul-Fitr with Ama Fatima
  • Eid and Ramadan Songs
  • The Blessings of Ramadan
  • Eid Songs

Nine books Titles

  • In the Beginning First Man and Woman  
  • Faith in Allah, the Beloved Son   * The Great Ark, the Beautiful Prayer 
  • The Call to Hajj, the She-Camel  
  • The Father’s Love, the Two Dreams  
  • Sleepers in the Cave Two Gardens  
  • The Iron Wall, the Queen of Egypt 
  • Two Sons Of Adam, Travels of Ibrahim  
  • The Army Of Ants the Powerful Jinn

Eighteen Books Titles

  • Allah’s Best Friend  
  • Tale of a Fish  
  • The Origin of Life  
  • The Prophet Musa and the Hearted Queen  
  • The Story of the Prophet Ayyub  
  • The Iron Wall  
  • The Queen and the Bird  
  • The Days in the Desert  
  • Camel and the Evil People  
  • Sleepers in the Cave  
  • The Ant’s Panic  
  • The Most Honourable Woman  
  • Allah Made the Sun and the Moon  
  • A Unique Miracle  
  • The Queen of Egypt  
  • The Spring of Zamzam and Other Stories  
  • A Visit to Yathrib  
  • My Ramadan Activity Book

Thirty-One Books Titles

  • Ramadan: the Month of Fasting  
  • Tale of a Fish  
  • Life Begins  
  • The Builder of the Kabah  
  • Allah Speaks to the Prophet Musa  
  • Love Your Parents  
  • Allah: the Giver of All Goodness  
  • The Brave Boy  
  • The Prophet Hud and the Storm  
  • The Angel’s Prayer  
  • How Ibrahim Came to Know Allah  
  • The Most Patient Man  
  • Luqman’s Advise to His Son  
  • The Prophet King  
  • The Old Man’s Prayer  
  • The Uzayr’s Donkey  
  • The Treasure House  
  • The Sleepers in Cave  
  • The Traveller’s Prayer  
  • The Travels of the Prophet Ibrahim  
  • The Story of Two Gardens  
  • The Prophet Yusuf and the King’s Dream  
  • The King’s Magicians  
  • Allah’s Best Friend  
  • The Pious Man and His Sons  
  • The People of the Book  
  • The Gardens of Saba  
  • The Miraculous Baby  
  • The Iron Wall  
  • Allah Made Them All  
  • Prophet of Peace


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