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Printed Designs Baby Blankets from Mora Spain Starting from 49AED

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Mora Spain…..The Spanish Art Of Living

Our blankets have a high rate of air circulation due to its acrylic content, which makes them lighter in weight yet exceptionally warmer than heavy blankets made of ordinary materials.

Quality: 85% Acrylic Microfiber / 15% Polyester

CodeProduct NameSizeColorPrice
MBC-001Mora Baby Coat - 92580x90 CMBiege49 AED
MBC-002Mora Baby Coat - 92580x90 CMPink49 AED
MBC-003Mora Baby Coat - 92580x90 CMBlue49 AED
MBC-004Mora Baby Coat - 92680x90 CMBiege49 AED
MBC-005Mora Baby Coat - 92680x90 CMBlue49 AED
MBC-006Mora Baby Coat - 92680x90 CMLavender49 AED
MBC-007Mora Baby Coat - 92780x90 CMBiege49 AED
MBC-008Mora Baby Coat - 92780x90 CMPink49 AED
MBC-009Mora Baby Coat - 92780x90 CMBlue49 AED
MBB-010Mora Baby Blanket - MG05580x110 CMPink85 AED
MBB-011Mora Baby Blanket - MG05580x110 CMBlue85 AED
MBB-012Mora Baby Blanket - MG05680x110 CMPink85 AED
MBB-013Mora Baby Blanket - MG05680x110 CMBlue85 AED
MBB-014Mora Baby Blanket - MG05680x110 CMGreen85 AED
MBB-015Mora Baby Blanket - MG05880x110 CMOrange85 AED
MBB-016Mora Baby Blanket - MG05880x110 CMPink85 AED
MBB-017Mora Baby Blanket - MG05880x110 CMGreen85 AED
MBB-018Mora Baby Blanket - IM37180x110 CMBlue89 AED
MBB-019Mora Baby Blanket - IM37280x110 CMBiege89 AED
MBB-020Mora Baby Blanket - IM37280x110 CMPink89 AED
MBB-021Mora Baby Blanket - PL82880x110 CMPink95 AED
MBB-022Mora Baby Blanket - PL82880x110 CMBlue95 AED
MBB-023Mora Baby Blanket - MG055110x140 CMPink110 AED
MBB-024Mora Baby Blanket - MG055110x140 CMBlue110 AED
MBB-025Mora Baby Blanket - MG055110x140 CMBiege110 AED
MBB-026Mora Baby Blanket - MG058110x140 CMOrange110 AED
MBB-027Mora Baby Blanket - MG058110x140 CMPink110 AED
MBB-028Mora Baby Blanket - MG058110x140 CMGreen110 AED
MBB-029Mora Baby Blanket - IM371110x140 CMBiege120 AED
MBB-030Mora Baby Blanket - IM371110x140 CMPink120 AED
MBB-031Mora Baby Blanket - IM371110x140 CMBlue120 AED
MBB-032Mora Baby Blanket - PL828110x140 CMPink120 AED
MBB-033Mora Baby Blanket - PL828110x140 CMBlue120 AED
MBB-034Mora Baby Blanket - PL828110x140 CMBiege120 AED

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