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Honda Cars Dealer Prices

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4/5 - (1 vote)

Honda Cars Dealer Prices in Dubai, UAE

Last updated on June 15, 2016.

CITY LXISaloon1.5L/4-CYL118/1455A56,499
CITY EXISaloon1.5L/4-CYL118/1455A62,499
CIVIC LXISaloon1.8L/4-CYL138/1735A70,499
CIVIC EXISaloon1.8L/4-CYL138/1735A75,499
CIVIC EXISaloon1.8L/4-CYL138/1735A79,499
CIVIC VTISaloon1.8L/4-CYL138/1735A85,499
ACCORD DXSaloon2.4L/4-CYL178/2215A85,499
ACCORD LX-BSaloon2.4L/4-CYL178/2215A92,499
ACCORD EX-ASaloon2.4L/4-CYL178/2215A103,499
ACCORD EX-BSaloon2.4L/4-CYL178/2215A113,499
ACCORD EX-V6Saloon3.5L/V6271/3395A126,499
ACCORD EX-V6 SPORTSaloon3.5L/V6271/3395A133,499
ACCORD DX COUPECoupe2.4L/4-CYL191/2215A105,299
ACCORD DX COUPECoupe3.5L/V6271/3395A129,499
CROSSTOUR TOURINGEstate3.5L/V6271/3395A146,499
JAZZ LXHatch1.5L/4-CYL118/1465A60,499
JAZZ EXHatch1.5L/4-CYL118/1465A71,999
CR-V LXCUV2.4L/4-CYL168/2195A99,499
CR-V EXCUV2.4L/4-CYL168/2195A109,499
CR-V EX LEATHERCUV2.4L/4-CYL168/2195A120,499
PILOT EXSUV3.5L/V6253/3475A127,799
PILOT EX-LSUV3.5L/V6253/3475A147,499
PILOT LEATHERSUV3.5L/V6253/3475A160,499
ODYSSEY LXMPV3.5L/V6252/3385A129,999
ODYSSEY TOURINGMPV3.5L/V6252/3385A170,499


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